{duh-kur} French: "from the heart/of the heart" (loose translation)

Quality, baked goods made from scratch.  Specializing in French pastries and custom pastry art to help make your life celebrations more memorable and delicious.  Get creative with us!
De Coeur is committed to using the best, seasonal, sustainable, quality and locally sourced ingredients to create superb artisan breads, pastries and confections.We specialize in custom pastry art of unlimited variety to suit our clients' artistic vision and strive to deliver impressive and innovative design with a touch of our signature, clean, modern style with handpainted and handmade fine details.
We believe the best tasting and looking products are labors of love, which is why we choose to support local farmers, purveyors and other businesses.  We believe in fostering great relationships with our customers, contributing to a growing community and giving back. 
We firmly believe as with all things in life, you must work with passion and love, and that everything you do should truly come from the heart and that sentiment is behind everything we bake and decorate.
Located in Bakersfield, California where we celebrate Kern County's abundant and rich agriculture and honor what is grown locally and is in season.
Owner, Mai Giffard holding some handpainted and custom decorated macarons- a signature item made with love.  Photo by thisisro photography.
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